Jessica and Carlisle Hearing Center are the best. My mom has been wearing aids for over 20 years and NOT hearing what we said. Both my parents and I went there together. I was very impressed with the testing that was done. I had not seen this done with my mom before. Also, I had been told that hearing aids would not help me because of the nerve damage. Granted that was many years ago. But Jessica also tested my Dad and I, we all ended up getting hearing aids. Now both my parents and can hear when I talk to them. Plus for the first time I can be part of the conversations. I usually would hear sound, but could not make out the words. I had taught myself to read lips but that only helped so much.

Since getting my hearing aids I no longer dread being part of a group and I no longer feel left out! Thanks Carlisle Hearing Center and Jessica!

D. White – Dillsburg PA