Affordable Hearing Aid Solutions

Information on different hearing aid styles, types, and shapes

The Different Styles Of Hearing Aids

The world of affordable hearing aid solutions is constantly evolving, with advancements in technology allowing for more accessible and effective options for those with hearing loss. Fitting and dispensing hearing aids have become a streamlined process, ensuring that individuals receive tailored devices that cater specifically to their needs. One of the most crucial aspects of this process is fitting hearing aids correctly, as it not only impacts the level of amplification provided but also the overall comfort of the user. Trained professionals are dedicated to fitting devices precisely, accounting for factors such as anatomical variations and personal preferences. This meticulous approach results in an optimal hearing experience, bridging the gap between one’s natural abilities and the power of modern assistive technology. As a result, affordable hearing aid solutions empower countless individuals to regain their independence, communicate effectively, and fully participate in the wonderful symphony of sounds that surround them.

Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids

Completely In The Canal

This is the smallest and most invisible option for hearing aid users. The completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid is molded to fit deep inside the ear canal, providing high-quality sound directly into the eardrum. Though fitting and dispensing hearing aids can be a challenge with this model, it provides greater discretion and comfort than larger models for those wanting their hearing aid to remain concealed.

Fitting Hearing Aids

Receiver in The Canal

This type of hearing aid has gained popularity over the past several years due to its incredible versatility in dealing with hearing loss types. With the receiver in the canal or (ric) hearing aid, there is a body that houses the microchips and the microphones. Attached to the body is a wire receiver that goes from the body to the inside of the canal. The receiver takes the sound given by the body and re-clarifies it once more in the canal for smooth easy understanding.

Affordable Hearing Aid Solutions

Behind The Ear

Behind the ear hearing, aids are typically for the most severe hearing losses. Behind the ear or (BTE) hearing aids have a larger body than a receiver in the canal hearing aid. This allows them to produce much more volume of sound. Behind the ear hearing aids require a special mold that goes in the ear and completely blocks off the canal to hold as much sound in as possible.

Affordable Hearing Solutions


Custom-fitting hearing aids are moulded to fit specifically to each individual’s ears. They come in several sizes to fit individual losses and canal shapes. Custom hearing aids can be made with any technology level that a manufacturer offers and seldom increases the price for the custom fit.

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