Life is good now that i have better hearing I am so enjoying it.  I am happy, my husband is happy, the family is happy.  I wish I would have done this sooner.  So much I had been missing.  Thanks to Carlisle Hearing Center, I feel like my old self again. Thank you Jessica

Irene K. Fetrow

Very professional and super friendly!

James H. Fulton

I went to several places for hearing aids before going to Carlisle Hearing Center.  Jessica was very helpful in selecting the right hearing aids.  I do not like high pressure sales people but you will not find that here.  I have been going back for 2 years now and as hearing loss progresses she will adjust them as needed.  No further cost yet. 

Leroy Kitner

I have been treated by several hearing specialists over the past 10 years.  I was fortunate to find Jessica at Carlisle Hearing Center last year.  She has been very adept at solving several issues for me.  I would recommend Carlisle Hearing Center to anyone in need of hearing aids.

Eugene L. Failor

I love Carlisle Hearing Center because Jessica is very helpful and understanding my needs and also helps me to understand why I should wear my hearing aids.   She is a very kind person. 

Eileen A. Allison

I can trust Carlisle Hearing Center for quality products, friendly professional care for a good fit for my hearing aids.  The most important part of Carlisle Hearing Center is that they care about me as a patient.

Larry E. Clippinger

Very professional, takes time and listens to your problems, is very patient, cares about her job.

Richard G. Hippensteel

I am a member of PARSE (Pa Association of Retired State Employees) who referrred me to Carlisle Hearing Center.  I recieved the type of hearing aid I perfered, was fitted for both ears and have had return appointments to vacumn them as well as adjust any changes all with curteous and business like professionalism.  I am very happy with my aids as well as my association with Carlisle Hearing Center.  

Fay M. Minich