Getting a proper fitting hearing aid is key to amplifying sound accurately, and protecting your ears against noise damage. Before investing in expensive devices it’s wise to ensure that the hearing aids will provide maximum benefit for you — this is what real ear measurements allow us to do. 

Real ear measurement (REM) takes into account your circumstances including the structure of your outer and inner ears, degree of hearing loss, lifestyle needs, and any other factors that may affect how well the sound from your device reaches your eardrum.

This article will outline what exactly REM is and why we recommend having it done by a professional audiologist before buying a new device.

What is Real Ear Measurement and why is it important for your hearing health?

Real Ear Measurement (REM) is a valuable tool for assessing a patient’s hearing health. This method involves measuring sound levels in the ear canal in response to pure tones and speech stimuli. REM ensures that hearing aids are being programmed to the specific needs of the individual wearer, resulting in a more individualized and effective treatment plan.

It is important because every person’s hearing loss is unique, and the use of generic hearing aid settings may not result in optimal hearing outcomes for all patients. By using REM, hearing healthcare professionals can ensure that patients receive the best possible hearing rehabilitation and improved quality of life.

How Does Real Ear Measurement Work?

Real Ear Measurement is a critical tool used by hearing care professionals to ensure that hearing aids are accurately programmed for their patients. This procedure involves placing a miniature probe microphone in the patient’s ear canal and measuring sound levels as the patient listens to various soft, moderate, and loud sounds. 

By doing so, the hearing care professional can calculate how much amplification is necessary for the individual to hear sounds at a comfortable level.

Real Ear Measurement helps professionals tailor the hearing aid’s programming settings to the unique characteristics of the patient’s ear and hearing loss, resulting in much-improved speech understanding and sound quality.

Benefits of Real Ear Measurement

Real Ear Measurement (REM) is a valuable tool in hearing aid fitting that provides an accurate and objective measurement of the hearing aid’s output in the patient’s ear canal. REM ensures that the hearing aid is programmed to provide the maximum amplification without causing discomfort or over-amplification.

Ultimately, this leads to improved sound quality, better speech recognition, and increased patient satisfaction. REM also enables hearing healthcare professionals to fine-tune the hearing aids and make informed decisions for appropriate fittings. 

Adding REM to the fitting and dispensing hearing aids process can benefit the patient and the hearing professional in achieving optimal hearing outcomes.

Advantages of Investing in Hearing Aids with Real Ear Measurement

Investing in hearing aids with real ear measurement (REM) technology can greatly improve one’s hearing experience. REM technology ensures that the hearing aids are fit precisely to the individual’s ear canal and hearing needs. This level of customization can result in a more natural and comfortable sound, making it easier to understand speech and enjoy music.

REM also allows for adjustments to be made in real time, ensuring optimal performance in different environments. Additionally, REM can help prevent over-amplification, leading to discomfort or potential damage to the ear. 

Overall, investing in hearing aids with REM technology can provide numerous advantages and greatly enhance one’s quality of life.

How to Find a Professional Who Uses Real Ear Measurement Technology

When finding a professional who uses real ear measurement technology, it’s crucial to research and ensure you’re working with someone with the necessary qualifications and expertise. 

Look for audiologists certified by groups like the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and who have experience working with the latest hearing aid technology. When you go in for your appointment, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get an understanding of how real ear measurement works and how it can benefit you. 

A true professional will take the time to explain everything and work with you to find the best solution for your unique needs.

Why You Should Insist on Real Ear Measurement for Your Hearing Aids

Real Ear Measurement (REM) is an important aspect that must not be overlooked while selecting hearing aids. The hearing aids are customized depending on the individual’s hearing loss, and REM helps to calibrate the hearing aids to the individual’s ear. 

With REM, the hearing aid settings are adjusted to provide optimal sound quality and clarity. Insisting on REM ensures that you receive hearing aids tailored to your needs, hence leading to better hearing outcomes.

Professionals believe hearing aids fitted without REM might not provide the best results possible. Therefore, it is essential to insist on REM as it allows you to experience sounds as naturally and comfortably as possible. 

It’s clear that if you’re investing in hearing aids, you must insist on Real Ear Measurement technology. With this evaluation tool, audiologists can assess how sound from the hearing aid is processed by your ears, customizing the amplification and creating a naturalistic listening experience.

Overall, when you combine the benefits of a precise fit with realistic sound amplification, it is difficult to justify not choosing hearing aids with Real Ear Measurement technology. After all, having high-quality hearing aids should allow you to enjoy every life event without worrying about annoying whistles or buzzing noises.

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